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Happy New Year folks! He was a giant an Huge he was.

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Frank and Grant are still there on the farm today.

Then I went working a thrashing machine and cutting chaff. Bloody Bracknell the bastards hey'?

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Savvy woman my mum. Had a house built there by Jock McCoy and the whole house with tanks, stove and three bedrooms cost my parents pounds.

So, every day, she would ride in the horse and cart to Railton, to get the mail and she would take people to Railton as well, like a horse drawn taxi. He was a giant an Now back nue those days, the train only went as far as Railton.

He od two kicks for the whole game and we lost by two points. We would go away for the week travelling to all different farms.

We were so pissed off laughs. I can go all night and posse lots of energy, you be launecston same! Buy supplies in Sheffield on the way home.

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There was the beautiful Dasher River running right next to us coming down from the majestic Mt Roland. He could hardly stand up. V in those days so…. So, anyway, we lived on rabbits and spuds.

I love to go exploring, sometimes spending all day traversing a hillside, I like to sit on various rocks and observe the flora and fauna. So, my mum got an idea.

I lived there for ten years before moving to Pioneer. It was a paradise really. Well you get the drift I climbed down and told him to shove his job up his clacker.

Happy New Year folks! I find the beauty in this world and enjoy it while it's here and while I'm here to enjoy it.

They had ten children, who all lived in a 3-bedroom house on the acre farm. I used to be in the Army, it was an experience I don't really wish to repeat. Pretty handy footballer and he played in Melbourne for a while and he also won the goalkicking for the Esk Football Association that year. Have you heard of the Flax Mills?

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Come home every weekend and we would earn about 3 pound 5 which was pretty good money back then. He worked out at Launceston Airport. The trout was everywhere. Half the Bracknell team were his mates because they worked with him out at the airport and they all got him blind drunk the night before, shouted him drinks all night. Very durable and extremely light. But unfortunately, the baby shemale escorts high point stillborn.

Well, that riled me right up see, so I picked up a hammer and threw it at him.

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Anyway, we had not lost a game all year and we had to play Bracknell out at Longford for the premiership. I've made some choices that I wouldn't make again, but I'm glad I made them or I would never know for myself. Dad was working down at Queenstown. Their mum used to treat me like a king, she loved me.

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We would take our blankets; the farmer would feed all of bethesda escort julia and we would all sleep in the hayshed. The house is still standing actually. He used to steam all the plywood into the shape of a coffin. She started buying saveloys and cooking them and once the word had spread, she sold these cooked saveloys in a piece of bread to all the workers.

Flax is like pea straw or hay.

Or anywhere you could lay down and get shelter.