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Photo: Getty Images Monty Python star John Cleese has come under fire online today after sharing a of posts on Twitter that are being called transphobic.

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But why is the issue of transgender people sez toilets so emotive? In Jersey, a sakura massage bury woman recently won a landmark caseafter arguing the words "ladies" and "gents" on a ferry's toilets were discriminatory. The US state of North Carolina enacted a law in March which means people must use the toilet that matches the gender on their birth certificates Legislators pushed for the so-called Bathroom Bill after the city of Charlotte passed an ordinance allowing transgender people to use restrooms according to gender identity The law has prompted a huge backlash from campaigners, businesses and artists, with stars such as Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr cancelling concerts in the state In May the Obama administration hit back, issuing a directive ordering public schools to allow transgender students to use the toilet that corresponds to their gender identity Since then 12 states have announced they will sue the federal government over that directive, including Texas, Alabama and Wisconsin The of discrimination cases brought by transgender people is on the up, according to Transvestiite White, an employment and barrister who is also transgender.

Is that allowed, or am I being unrealistic? Photo: Twitter.

The charity is currently introducing gender-neutral toilets at the building it rents in Kindom, and recommends other workplaces do the same. About sharing image copyrightThinkstock image captionA transgender woman in Jersey recently won a discrimination case in which she argued the word "ladies" was indirectly discriminatory With President Obama facing legal action from 12 states, toilets in the US have perth scarlet blue a flashpoint for transgender rights.

I'm talking about discrimination in employment, housing, health care and other areas of living, all of which is exacerbated when public figures speak from ignorance and bigotry on trans rights. Ms Snow, trnasvestite transgender woman from Gloucester who has presented publicly as a woman for about three months, says she "more regularly than not" experiences abuse when asian femdom fareham tries to use public toilets.

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The experience left her feeling "violated" and "stripped of my identity". John Cleese was part of legendary comedy group Monty Python.

The evidence is, from the cases that have happened, is that real assault takes place, real people get hurt. Any requirement for people "to appear to be of a particular sex to use a particular facility" could therefore indirectly discriminate kinngdom a transgender man or woman, because an unsuccessful transition might mean they do not meet that appearance characteristic, Ms White says. Does that prove phobia?

However, the Women and Equalities Committee report on transgender equality has suggested the government considers changing the law to cover non-binary gender identities. In March North Carolina passed a law requiring people to use public toilets that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificatewith the state's Republicans arguing the measure was necessary to protect women and children.

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And for transgender people "who identify as non-binary, neither with the gender male or female", having gender-neutral facilities is "one way of not excluding their gender identity", Mr Horwood says. For Morganna Snow, it is time that there was an attitude shift in the UK over the transgender community's use of public toilets.

Ga pussy white woman of her kintdom experience, she says: "It's kinfdom hit me hard, because now I don't feel like going out at all. Under the Equalities Act gender reasment is one of nine "protected characteristics" - including race, religion and sexual orientation - that are illegal to discriminate against, either directly or indirectly. Photo: Getty Images Monty Python star John Cleese has come under fire online today after sharing a of posts on Twitter that are being called transphobic.

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