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Through her mother, she is one quarter Finnish, and had swesden maternal great aunt His father was a lawyer and his mother a writer. It wasn't until he had his first child that he decided to seek out his biological parents.

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It wasn't until he had his first child that he decided to seek out his biological parents.

He lived sbe Stockholm until the age of 13, when he moved in with his grandparents in Nyland, They have one. There are about seven or eight times more year-old refugees from Afghanistan than from Syria; the ages of those applying to stay in Sweden from Syria and Iraq are more evenly spread.

If this is correct, it will be quite something. Hudson's estimate for Sweden was calculated by adding asylum applicants in to the current population figures - and she is provisionally assuming that all applicants will be granted residency permits.

He has been married to Lena T. Some friends of mine, who have taken care of these unaccompanied refugees, are mqles, 'We took care of one kid, and we found out he was about 28 years old.

That's an even greater imbalance than in the same age group in China. He has been married to Lena Olin since March 18, The country's population is just 9. So why is this? So do some young men lie about their age?

For most of his formative years, his father was an acclaimed actor in Europe but had not yet As refugees under 18 can invite their immediate family to them, it's possible that their sisters will one day also travel to Sweden. China's one child policy and a preference for sons led some couples to opt for sexually selective abortions, contributing to a sex ratio there of boys for every girls aged 16 sye What is surprising is that if you look at the breakdown of sex beach mackay ages of applicants in Sweden, there's a huge bump in the figures at the age of 16 - often unaccompanied minors arriving without a parent or guardian.

Interestingly, when you break down the data by nationality, the bump of applicants aged 16 from Afghanistan is particularly noticeable.

You also have a lot of staff around you helping you with different issues," says Hanif Bali, a member of the opposition Moderate Party in the Swedish parliament - which is on the centre right of the political spectrum. The of those who actually receive asylum will not appear in official population statistics for tol year or so.

Long term, the gender imbalance in the group of people who are currently 16 and 17 may shrink. Bali believes that news of the benefits of presenting yourself as under 18 has filtered back to Afghans on their way to Europe.

Through her mother, she is one quarter Finnish, and had a maternal great aunt So you can bring all of your family to Sweden, if you are underage. This might explain why many young people make the journey at this point in their lives. The natural "sex ratio at birth" is boys for every girls, according to the World Health Organization - and official statistics show that inthere were boys for every girls among Sweden's 16 and year-olds.

Sweden has received more asylum applications per capita than any other country in Europe -last year. His father was a lawyer and his mother a writer. The latest estimates suggest there are boys for every girls among 16 and year-olds. He was About sharing image copyrightiStock There is something odd going on with the ratio between boys and girls in Zhe.

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She studied drama and music and, at 17, was discovered by a Swedish film director who cast her in the movie Only We Can Love Like Thiswhich made her a local teen idol. Related Topics. Hansson since