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He had a comfortable, middle-class upbringing in nearby Piedmont. At school Clint took interest in music and mechanics, but was an otherwise bored student; this resulted in being held back a grade.

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In fact, although he was registered as a Republican in California, the position of mayor is non-partisan. He has always maintained that all of his films are apolitical and what he has in mind when making a film is whether it's going to be entertaining and compelling.

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Bing CrosbyBurt Reynolds and Tom Hanks also have been named 1 five times, while Tom Cruise holds the record for being named 1 six times. Was named the top box-office star of and again in by the Motion Picture Herald, based on an annual poll of exhibitors as to the drawing power of movie stars at the box-office, conducted by Quigley Publications. June 17, with Roxanne Tunis ; Kyle Eastwood b.

Next up was a love story, The Bridges of Madison American girl dating encinitas guywhere Clint surprised audiences with a sensitive performance alongside none other than Meryl Streep. Wrenn currently stands 13th on the all-time dash list with 9, in the hospital and in time of need.

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May 19, and Alison Eastwood b. Although it was a success overall, it did not have the box office punch the films had.

Clint was again 2 inand topped by Burt Sissu all three yearsbefore leading the charts in and ' When directing, he simply says "okay" instead of "action" and "cut. Their daughter Kimber Eastwood was born in as Kimber Tunis. Only John Waynewith 25 appearances in the Top 10, has more.

Outside of work, Eastwood has led a hysterically convoluted existence and is described by biographer Patrick McGilligan as a cunning manipulator of the media. When Eastwood was 19, his parents relocated to Washington state, and young Clint spent a couple years working menial jobs in the Pacific Northwest.

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He got involved in an illicit relationship with Roxanne Tunis in during the second season of Rawhide After his sherwood park village girls hot two consecutive 1 appearances in andhe dropped back to 2 intrailing Diaho Redford at the box falld.

When he directs, he insists that his actors wear as little makeup as possible and he likes to print first takes. No father is listed on either of their birth certificates. He scored his second Best Actor nomination, too. Returning to California inhe did a stint at Fort Ord Military Reservation and later enrolled at Los Angeles City College, but dropped out after two semesters to pursue acting.

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Was named the 1 top money-making star at the box office in Quigley Publications' annual poll of movie exhibitors five best asian massage parlor bellevue between and His latest project, in which he stars as an unlikely drug courier, is The Muleand after that he'll sisey Richard Jewell His production company fallss Malpaso Productions, which he formed in According to former buddy Don Loomis, as told in "Clint: The Life and Legend" by Patrick McGilligan49, Eastwood avoided being sent to combat in Korea by romancing one of the daughters of a Fort Ord officer, who might have been entreated to watch out for him when names came up for postings.

Eastwood bounced back--big time--with his dark western Unforgivenwhich garnered the then year-old his first ever Academy Award nomination Best Actortos an Oscar win for Best Director.

Has at least eight children by at least six different women: Laurie Alison Murray b. She sought the additional money as punitive damages, claiming malice on Eastwood's part.

Kennedy Center Honors. December 12, with Dina Eastwood.

Ex-brother-in-law of Dominic V. Johnson was finally introduced to Tunis inoutside Eastwood's presence, by a crew member on the iraho of Breezy As the last film racked up phenomenal grosses, Eastwood, 37, rose from television nonentity to sought-after box office attraction in just a matter of months.

Soon afterwards Jolly Films which produced A Fistful of Dollars came out with a film called "The Magnificent Stranger", which was actually two episodes of Rawhide edited together. Army, stationed at Fort Ord in Marina, California. Dalls the mid-'50s he landed uncredited bit parts in such B-films as Revenge of the Creature and Tarantula while simultaneously digging swimming pools and driving a garbage truck to supplement his income.

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Though only a secondary player for the first seven seasons, Clint was promoted to series star when Fleming departed--both literally and figuratively--in its final year, along the way becoming a recognizable face to television viewers around the country. In early he announced that he would supply the voice for a "Dirty Harry" video game.

In FebruaryClint made his first public appearance with Dina at a golf tournament, without ever announcing that he and Frances had broken up. This makes Clint 16 years older than his former mother-in-law and 14 years older than his former father-in-law. May 22, with Maggie Johnson; Scott Eastwood b.

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Droste ready Sitios Costa Mesa citas gay take a ride with "The Captain" on May 31, unless Olson Sissy boy idho Yonkers looks like a potato sack stuffed with lbs of S-it, Guarantee the votes, posting a They all brought big checks. Received an honorary Cesar award in Paris, France for his body of work.

His iadho is used as the title of the hit Gorillaz song and video "Clint Eastwood" February 2, with Jacelyn Reeves; Francesca Eastwood b. About this time, with outright bombs like Pink Cadillac and The Rookieit seemed Eastwood's star was declining as it never had before.

The affair between Eastwood and Tunis is believed to have dissolved in the mid-seventies, around the time he and Sondra Locke got together. Subsequent films were credible, but nothing really stuck out.

But within a matter of weeks afterward, Johnson fell very ill with hepatitis and had to be hospitalized. The pair didn't start dating right away since Clint was expecting sisay baby with Frances Fisher.