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The issue is complex. Contemporary Anthropological and Demographic Perspectives, eds.

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While men who contract a Christian marriage cannot legally become polygynous, they are able to initiate additional informal unions. Changes in Temne Polygyny. R: I would not be happy [with a co-wife]. Kapiga, I.

In contrast, Ware also relates women's attitudes to the value of marriage, but she contends that women may be more willing to share their husbands, rather than divorce them, when husbands are not valued very highly. Furthermore, it may not be polygyny itself that offends women, but marriage per se.

Revisiting “woman-woman marriage”: notes on gikuyu women

In some African societies it is not uncommon for a woman to participate in the choice of her husband's next wife, or even to refuse to let her husband make that choice himself e. If my children were sick I had to take care myself, for everything, I was mother and father.

I: That means that you were not happy to have a co-wife. Ruyobya, and T.

Franklin, and J. R25 R: [When my husband married another valentines escorts chico I was not happy because it distorted my life, also you are not confident about your completeness as a woman. Others resort to accusations of witchcraft against other women, a culturally strong accusation among the Kaguru. Find Meetups of easf dating site, an Ear Facility East singles from and international community who.

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I was told to live peacefully with my husband. Polygyny as an institution is opposed by women, and yet institutionalized support for it, through the digubi instructions and the elders' demands on younger men, remains strong despite the Church and state eqst. I: Did you ever consider leaving your husband?

Psychological Womam 47 1 On the other hand, many respondents remarked that polygyny often causes problems in the household, either because the husband shows favoritism toward the youngest wife, or because it affects the relationship between the husband and the first wife. Consequently, it is not uncommon for a Kaguru woman to complain that her husband does not sufficiently support her and her children, particularly if support decreased after he married a subsequent wife.

Thus our analysis covers women's own views about polygyny as well as their perceptions of how others in their society view polygyny. Rl4 R: Marriage is nude west haven teens two people, if the third s love will automatically fade away.

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Support for polygyny is voiced by some men and is reflected in the traditional views in favor of polygyny as perpetuated by the elders. Find out online dating in East. R: To stay with a co-wife is not a bad thing, but there are many things.

prostitute rockingham In some societies, they benefit from polygyny because polygynous husbands tend to be wealthy, the pool of laborers supplied by a larger domestic unit reduces the need for wage laborers, or because co-wives co-operate in trade and economic affairs Adams and Mburugu ; Amadiume ; Borgerhoff Mulder ; MacCormack I: So, you try to tolerate, even when you have problems you don't want to divorce.

While formal polygyny has decreased as a result of these measures, many men now have one legally married wife i. An earlier version of this essay was presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, held in Atlanta. Despite the Kaguru having adopted Christian values Beidelman ; Winter and BeidelmanKaguru men are reluctant to marry Christian girls because Christianity condemns polygyny and divorce.

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Additional support came from grants from the Andrew W. Whether men continue to marry more than one wife, or instead marry once but maintain girlfriends, wives are aware that either form of polygyny implies that they will be unable to lay full claim upon their husbands. Kaguru women, however, do not gain higher status from having co-wives because the latter belong to different matrilineages. In polygynous unions, household relationships are complicated by the presence of children, the husband's perceived favoritism of the children of one wife, and the efforts of dating slogans in canada wife to secure more resources for her own children.

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This latter perspective suggests that Kaguru women's aversion to polygynous unions should be reflected in attempts to prevent their husbands from marrying additional wives or, alternatively, in behavior geared at limiting the negative effects of such polygynous unions. Get the best recommendations sites serve in Ibadan.

I don't want to quarrel with a co-wife. If it happens I can't avoid it, but I hate to have a co-wife. R: You as the woman, you are married, you haven't married the man, eoman can you decide to quit?