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We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. Share: Nearly every day for more than two years now, on her way into work, Kim Lewellen has walked past a towering statue of one of her heroes, Arnold Palmer.

A truly great ambassador of Wake Forest and the sport of golf, Palmer's statue serves as constant reminder of his passion, sportsmanship and competitive spirit that helped shape and grow the game. To Lewellen, the Demon Deacons' head women's golf coach, it's also a daily reminder of her responsibility to carry on his legacy by fostering those same qualities in her student-athletes. In the summer ofLewellen will be taking that responsibility to a whole new level in her role as coach of the U.

Palmer Cup team. On Sept. At Wake we strive to emulate Arnold Palmer both on and off the course, so being able to continue to bring his spirit to the game and continue his legacy is a huge honor for me.

It is a Ryder Cup-style tournament featuring the top men's and women's collegiate golfers matching the United States against a team of International players. Each team consists of 12 men and 12 women. While golf is typically an individual sport, the Arnold Palmer Cup is unique. It's an event in which young men and women work together as a team toward a common goal, and as a coach, Lewellen will be striving to help her players understand what it means to pursue that goal while representing their country.

Like Palmer, who left Wake Forest to serve three years in the Coast Guard, Lewellen's father also served in the armed forces, so she understands what an honor it is to represent the United States. Palmer Cup team member, thinks Lewellen is the perfect choice to lead next year's team.

She always reminds us how important it is to be respectful on the golf course, your name legibly when asked for an autograph, and have a good attitude. She also has such incredible energy, and that positive energy is going to be felt by everyone on the team, and it's going to make everyone motivated to play well. They won four team titles and three individual titles in just seven events.

Both women, along with several others from the Deacs' men's and women's teams are expected to be in the running for spots on either the U. Players will be selected using a combination of the Arnold Palmer Cup Ranking, committee picks and one coach's pick. Players for the Palmer Cup won't be announced until next spring, so how does one go about preparing to coach on an international stage when they don't know who will be playing?

I think the best thing that I can do now is actually go to the tournament in December at Bay Hill and just watch how it all unfolds and try to gain some experience that way. It will be quite a bit different than coaching collegiate golf because although collegiate golf is a team sport, you're playing individual scores.

That's not the case in the Palmer Cup. They will play a variety of formats from mixed four ball to regular foursomes and mixed foursomes, so there's a lot to think about.

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What I'd probably like to do is just go down in December, watch the tournament and absorb any and all information that I can. I'm going to talk to some of the former Palmer Cup coaches that are good friends of mine and brainstorm with them about some ideas. Since it's a Ryder Cup style event, I may even go back and watch some Ryder Cups and study some of the folks that have been successful and see what kind of information I can gain from that.

So, I think for the next few months, it's just going to be really researching and taking in the information, keeping an eye on the watch list and what players are on that and trying to get to know them. With the Palmer Cup I'm going to be thrown into a situation where I'm going to have to learn these players in a quick amount of time, so it will be really important to have conversations with the players and even with their college coaches, develop relationships and figure out how I can be helpful to them on the course.

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She wants to be of service to others. Palmer was known for asking, 'what can I do for you? I think about that a lot, and I think that is something that we could all be asking a lot more, especially in these times right now.

I think having that attitude and being able to portray that to the athletes is an important part of continuing Mr. Palmer's legacy. She wants to make sure you have the best experience possible overall. And I think what will make her such a good coach is that she'll do things that a lot of other coaches don't do—like finding out what a player likes to eat because she knows how important nutrition is and wants to make sure everyone is getting fueled the way they need.

James farr lewellen

She's really good at doing little things to give her an advantage. And she has that awesome energy that is going to bring the team together and get them motivated.

Plus, she was national Coach of the Year—she knows what it takes to be the best coach out there—and she's going to do the same thing when coaching the Palmer Cup team. It's also obvious to those that follow college golf that Kim holds high expectations for her teams beyond on the golf course. She stresses many of the qualities that Mr. Palmer felt the Game teaches us. Kim's passion, and Mr. Palmer's legacy of giving back to our communities.

Even before she took the job at Wake Forest, her close friend and former Demon Deacon women's golf coach Dianne Dailey gave Lewellen an Arnold Palmer pin that she still has and is saving to wear during tournament week. She said the iconic, brightly colored umbrella is a good reminder of the spirit of the game and what Palmer brought to that. Palmer, who once described golf as the greatest game mankind has ever invented, will forever be a Wake Forest legend, and there is no one better suited to represent Wake Forest and lead Team USA to victory than his fellow Demon Deacon, Kim Lewellen.

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