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Q: Thank you for doing this Mr. A: You're welcome. Q: laughter First of all, would you begin by telling us about your family background, your childhood interests and development, birthplace, elementary and secondary education, and family characteristics; special things about yourself. Streamed audio file of interview for this question using RealPlayer A: Well, my parents were immigrants from Europe, from the country of Greece.

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And I went to them and I talked with them directly about, and I told them what my concerns were, that it wasn't one of selfishness, it was for their safety park sex des plaines I appealed to them to think about their parents and what kind of a destructive effect a disaster could have on their families, their life and that type of thing. The policy formation, the way education goes, the way it lends itself is determined by the principal.

Q: Could you talk a little bit about that? They would take them to various activities, whether it was Cleveland or Pittsburgh, or sporting events and other situations.

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It's not only self-satisfying, and that you find that you have given and contributed to society more than any other mode of work or way of making a living. The separation of these types of students from the norm, to various degrees, is essential, there's no question in my mind. And would you give your views on these issues and discuss any involvement you've had with ylungstown approaches?

Q: Okay, would you describe your personal berwyn star shemale on education and how did it evolve prosttiution the years. As you view it, what characteristics are associated with the most effective schools and what features characterize with less effective ones?

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It's essential that principals and teachers hkgh support services. So I think, whenever a school district feels comfortable in closing some buildings, they should close them, but not certainly just to appease the public, and appease the taxpayers.

I went back to the house and he went on a tirade about how he hated his mother and what she was doing and she was sitting there listening. What kind of things did you do to maintain your sanity under these stressful conditions?

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Much like the requirements of due process today. A: We were under a desegregation case at the time, m therapeutic massage tempe junction I was a principal. You need a person to do the instructional work, the curriculum; and one person to do be the manager. Do you think that's justified? But today it's even more crucial that they take inventory of yohngstown personal strength characteristics and desires.

He visits me higgh a year. Now I'm going to change this question. I feel that an another positive step would be to actually sit down with candidates for the principalship, or any administrative job.

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And as I mentioned before, put them through a battery of tests, put these people through a battery or microscope, looking at their characteristics, looking at their sensitivity, looking at their ability to lead, looking at their unintelligiblewhat did they accomplish during their careers, what indicated their value of success in those unintelligible. And I just stayed there about a quarter, not even two quarters. More and more there's a need for that communication with the home.

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In other words, if you can get all the people that connect with the classroom teacher, the focus then becomes learning. A: As far as the principals are concerned, they need, and I can't emphasize it enough, to find out about themselves; and what they're made of; what they can offer kids; what they can offer people that they're going to lead. A: Not in the immediate future, no I think I've had enough of public life for the time being.

They were born and raised on the rural island of Kytira, which is off the southern coast of Greece.

You've got a situation where teachers become more receptive to the leadership of the principal; and the assistant principal has to be the same way. When I became superintendent, a lot of buildings had already been closed in years to this.

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It lends itself to abuse. Because you are known as someone who supported administrators, all administrators. A: Well there's no question that support services are essential, no question. There were individual people who were negative, but as a whole the group was very influential. I youngsotwn have any other questions.

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And then from assistant principal at Rayen school I went to the principalship. They couldn't do a lot of things that they were doing, like evaluations, youngstowb couldn't expect them to burn the midnight oil like they were doing, doing all those extra things.

And if you had that ability to unintelligible you could almost diffuse any situation. I think it's because of unions that they have a decent salary.