Focus groups help ADRS Lakeshore plan for the future

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Staff from the ADRS Lakeshore office recently spent a week traveling the state to conduct a series of focus groups.

The groups, made up of Vocational Rehabilitation Service staff, provided input that will be used in a restructuring effort to address the growing demand for the office’s programs.

Program Evaluation and Development Specialist Samantha Wadsworth said Lakeshore has grown beyond the walls of its Birmingham-area office and now has branch locations throughout the state. The growing demand for its specialized services presents a need to formulate a new approach.

“We’re making an effort to restructure some things to try to be more efficient, so we thought it would be a great starting point to go around and get feedback,” Wadsworth said.

Lakeshore hopes to introduce more workshop styles for career exploration, among other changes.

Wadsworth, Andrea Carroll, Fran Hershey, and Craig Rogers all teamed up to gather information from staffers and record their ideas.

Rogers encouraged the group to provide both positive and negative feedback.

“We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from you on anything that has to do with any of our programs because our ultimate goal is to make improvements where we can to change and add so we are providing what you need,” he said. “We want to know if you are having issues, if you are not getting the things you need, if you are not getting the right type of responses, or information.”

The meetings included stops in Anniston, Birmingham, Decatur, Dothan, Mobile, Montgomery, and Muscle Shoals.

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