SAIL staff offer training on eligibility, referral process

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A special training is giving Children’s Rehabilitation Service staff a greater understanding of the department’s State of Alabama Independent Living(SAIL) Service.

The training program, presented by SAIL state office staff members Marilyn Long and Lillian Butler, outlines the avenues used to improve the lives of ADRS consumers, including eligibility requirements and the process for referrals.

Long, a specialist for the Independent Living Program, and Butler, a Homebound Program specialist, met with Huntsville-area Children’s Rehabilitation Service staff recently to discuss the purpose of the SAIL program and who qualifies.

Butler created the training program to improve outreach within ADRS divisions and open the lines of communication to the services provided by SAIL.

“We don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks,” she said. “We want to make sure everyone is well attended to and their needs are met.”

The initiative – which will include visits to CRS offices in Birmingham, Anniston, and Jackson – offers information on Homebound services, Medicaid waivers, personal choices, and the hybrid program that combines SAIL and Vocational Rehabilitation services.

Individuals from ages 3 to 97 have received assistance from SAIL, Long said.

“We may get a call about a child who is at a particular developmental stage and is needing some different assistance to get to that next level to develop the independent living skills that you would expect someone at that age to have,” she said. “When those services are complete, the case may be closed, but we may see the child again in a couple of years because as their needs evolve we can work with them again.”

Long also said she hopes to increase staff awareness of the relatively new SAIL-VRS hybrid services.

“That program is pretty new and was designed so that someone who has a significant disability and would qualify for either the Homebound program or the SAIL Waiver program who wants to go to work has one point of contact,” she said. “They have their hybrid counselor, and that counselor goes out and does a monthly visit if they are a waiver case and gets the ball rolling for their vocational rehabilitation.”

For more information about SAIL programs, contact Butler at (334) 293-7349 or Long at (334) 293-7312.



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  • A good story about one of the best programs in the BEST department! The program is a Godsend to so many severely disabled people. I am so glad it is in good hands!

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