Floyd is ADRS’s new software development manager

Beverly Floyd leads her first staff meeting since being named the department's software development manager

Beverly Floyd leads her first staff meeting since being named the department’s software development manager

ADRS Computer Services recently promoted a familiar face to be the department’s new software development manager.

Beverly Floyd assumed her post, previously held by Clay Weaver, on March 16.

“Right now, I’m really serving dual roles,” Floyd said, “Not only am I taking over for Clay, I’m also still wearing my project management hat. I’m busy, but it’s also exciting. I’ll be working closely with each division of ADRS to make sure the software we develop is taking care of our staff’s needs.”

Floyd joined ADRS in January 2000 as an entry-level programmer serving Early Intervention. Over the years, she worked her way up to be EI’s lead programmer, playing an instrumental role in the development of GIFTS, the program’s case management system.

Floyd also developed software for Vocational Rehabilitation from 2012 to January 2016.

“In her 17 years with us, she has proven herself to be competent. She has a strong work ethic and truly cares about our consumers and about what we do as a department,” said Dave Rainey, director of ADRS Computer Services. “I’m confident in Beverly’s abilities. She is a tremendous asset — not only to Computer Services — but to our entire department.”

Floyd tells her staff to always give their best so the field employees can be their best for our consumers

Floyd tells her staff to always give their best so the field employees can be their best for our consumers

As software development manager, Floyd oversees all projects by Computer Services’ team of software developers. This includes managing the Scrum process Computer Services switched to last fall. Floyd said the Scrum methodology is working well for the developers. (See related story for more information on Scrum)

“We’ve only implemented Scrum for six months now, but it’s going well, and we’re getting a lot of work accomplished,” she said. “While we still need to finesse the process a bit, I’ve noticed numerous improvements compared to our old approach. Of course, a lot of that is just having a great team, and we have a great work environment. Our staff is knowledgable, has a strong skill set, and if anything comes our way, we’ll figure it out.”

Floyd said that she strongly feels a vested interest in our department’s success, and she strives to instill in staff the same level of pride and commitment to the department’s mission that she feels.

“Computer Services staff don’t get out and visit clients, but we need to maintain that same level of professionalism,” said Floyd. “We need to be our best, because the people this department serves always deserves our best. That’s our theme, and that’s my personal goal. If we’re serving our staff in the best way possible, then they have the tools they need to go out and best serve our clients.”


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