ADRS celebrates 20 years of independence

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Twenty years. Four commissioners. Six sites.

The statewide commemoration of the department’s 20th anniversary kicked off Monday, Sept. 14, in Mobile and wrapped up two weeks later in Huntsville.

Founding Commissioner Lamona Lucas made a special appearance at events in Mobile and Montgomery. Former Commissioner Winona Nelson spoke to the Montgomery group, and Former Commissioner Steve Shivers joined the celebration in Anniston.

“We’re not new at what we do,” said ADRS Commissioner Cary Boswell, “though we are new as a department. We have served persons with disabilities for a lot longer than two decades, though our independence came much later.”

The six-part celebration honored two decades since the creation of the department and recognized the contributions and accomplishments of staff through the presentation of service pins. Staff with 30-plus years of service also received a certificate of appreciation.

30-34 Years of Service

  • Peggy Anderson
  • Sandra Bittle
  • Deborah Bolton
  • Dianne Brewer
  • Kay Cooper
  • David Cousins
  • Sharon Dahlberg
  • Bynum Duren
  • Teresa Farr
  • Nancy Farrow
  • Mary Gilbert
  • Kathy Glover
  • Theresa Hudson
  • Debra Hyatt
  • Della Jackson
  • Susan Johnson
  • Barbara Lind
  • Debbie McCulloch
  • Brenda Mitchell
  • Carrie Nunn
  • James Owens
  • Shirley Parham
  • Annette Russell
  • Annie Smith
  • Jean Stewart
  • Janice Summerford
  • Carolyn Sutherlin
  • Connie Swanson
  • Kathy Thrasher
  • Betty Urquhart
  • Mark Vosel
  • Vivian Winters

35-39 Years of Service

  • Pamela Brazil
  • Peggy Bridges
  • Mary Browning
  • Ruby Dickerson
  • Geraldine Eggers
  • Jeannette Ellis
  • Barbara Hankins
  • Randy Hebson
  • Nancy Hill
  • Gelan Hollis
  • Tina Howell
  • Connie McRae
  • Barbara Quick
  • Teresa Rutledge
  • Tammy Schrimsher
  • Susan Smith
  • Veronica Stone
  • Suzette Taylor
  • Donna Terry

40-plus Years of Service

  • Connie Brechin
  • Gloria Crider
  • Becky Fields
  • Ann James
  • Ronny McCall
  • Fredonia Mobley
  • Karen Nobles
  • Sue Schulgin
  • Lynn Shelton



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