CRS updates Alabama families at State PAC meeting (photo gallery)


Families from across the state met with CRS and ADRS leaders yesterday at the State Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to discuss current initiatives. Following a welcome from State Parent Consultant Susan Colburn, ADRS Commissioner Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw introduced herself and spoke about her career in rehabilitation. As guest speaker, Robin Rawls, communications director for Alabama Medicaid, updated attendees with the

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Video to showcase ADRS Business Relations versatility


A video project that will be used as part of a best practices toolkit for the 80 vocational rehabilitation agencies nationwide will feature several Alabama businesses as partners of the ADRS Business Relations Program. Once completed, the video – entitled Focus on Alabama: Business Engagement at Five Phases – will serve as a companion to a toolkit on the five different stages of business engagement: advising, capacity

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Burdeshaw makes first field visit as commissioner (photo gallery)


New ADRS Commissioner Jane Elizabeth Burdeshaw made the first of many field office visits July 14, when she toured ADRS-Lakeshore and the CRS CP Neuro Clinic at Children’s South Pediatric Outpatient Center. Commissioner Burdeshaw also made time to visit Homewood CRS staff before attending the quarterly Alabama Business Leadership Network (ABLN) board meeting in the afternoon. Burdeshaw plans similar visits to other ADRS offices over the

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A Q&A with new Commissioner Burdeshaw


Q: Tell us a bit about your background in rehabilitation. A: My first real job after receiving my degree was with the Alabama Elks Memorial Center in Montgomery. It’s closed now, but my time there might have positively impacted my career more than anything else I’ve done since. The Elks Center was an ADRS CRP (community rehabilitation program) with a

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